Summer Read-A-Thon Signups!

I’m so excited to have you here for our Summer Read-A-Thon!

The overall goal is to get readers checking out our backlists and our new releases according to tropes. ***If you don’t see a trope here that would fit your book, please email me at I’ll create a form and we’ll see what interest there is. Depending on the number of entries into the different areas, we might combine tropes, or split them. If at any time you have questions, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

When: May 23rd*-August 31st, 2022. I’ll keep these forms open until April 30th, which should give me enough time to organize and create the coloring pages before the start date. For now, you can enter 2 books per trope. If we need more, I’ll reach out.

Where: Here, Everyone’s Social Media and Newsletters. Sharing in any capacity throughout the summer will help keep the word going. I’ll share some graphics once we’ve got everything ready.

What: Your Books – Put your backlist as well as new releases. This is to showcase clean/sweet romance books.

***New Releases need to be released at the lastest by June 15th to give readers a chance to read***

Cost: $5/book or a max of $40. You can add as many books as there are tropes, but all after the first 8 will be free. Please send payment through Paypal by April 30th, using the Friends & Family option, to Please also put your name in the description so I can check it off my list. 🙂

What will the money go toward?

1. Prizes – I’m planning some monthly prizes, as well as the big prizes at the end of the summer for each trope and then one overall winner. If you have some suggestions for prizes in your individual trope category, I’ll gladly take them :).

2. $1 per author will be for my time creating the coloring pages, but everything else goes toward the event. I’ll be using my Creative Fabrica and Deposit Photo accounts for the majority of the design, as well as Canva.

I can’t wait to get started on this with you all! 

Click on any of the links to be taken to the form for that trope. You’ll be able to add two books to each for now.

***I’ve received several emails from readers who participated in the March Madness event and they loved finding new-to-them authors. Hopefully this will help do the same and will give them a long list for the summer months!***