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The Australian Billionaire by Britney M. Mills l International Billionaire Club Series

A self-made billionaire, his real estate agent and three weeks to find the right property.

Jackson Walker hasn’t had the best family life. Growing up in the foster system in Australia, it wasn’t until he met his college football coach that he understood what a normal family looked like. When he gets the call that Coach has passed away, he returns to California for the funeral and to find a place to honor the man.

Hailey Montgomery threw herself into real estate soon after breaking up with her boyfriend nearly five years ago. She’s been working to build a name for herself and when the chance to make partner at her firm becomes available, she jumps at the chance. But the only way to achieve that distinction is to find a commercial property for the guy she’s nicknamed ‘Golden Boy’ from all the stories her father told about him. As spending time together brings them closer, the trust between them is called into question.

Can they work through what’s happened in their individual pasts to create a relationship that will last?

A marketing ceo, a skin care business owner, and a fake relationship.

Tristan Delacroix rose to billionaire status when he took over his father’s marketing firm. But he’s determined to expand his business to include advertising for the beauty industry, even though his experience is in products targeted at men. When he meets the owner of a skin care company, he does everything he can to win her over as a client, hoping it will be his breakthrough opportunity.

Juliette Rousseau started creating products for her skin as a teen, hoping to cure her own skin woes. What started as her selling to neighbors has turned into a rising beauty company in Paris. She doesn’t need anyone or anything, until a lie about her relationship status gets called into question by her mother.

When Juliette asks Tristan to be her fake boyfriend for a couple of weeks, will they each come out with what they wanted at the beginning? Or will spending time together change their perceptions and make them realize love starts with a leap?

The French Billionaire by Britney M. Mills l International Billionaire Club Series
The British Billionaire by Britney M. Mills l International Billionaire Club Series

A real estate developer, a stager and the fears that threaten to pull them apart.

Roman Hamilton built up his father’s company again after a scandal threatened to close the doors. When some of the new townhouses in London he’s just remodeled haven’t sold, he decides to work outside his normal routine and use a stager, Isabelle Rousseau. As they spend time together, he realizes how much he’s missed out on life and love since his car accident a few years before.

Isabelle Rousseau has dreamed about a career in interior design since she lived at home with her parents in Dinan. She’s told herself that she just has to stick it out with her current boss for a little while longer and her efforts will all pay off. But when Roman offers her the chance to stage a house, she takes the risk of losing her job, and her heart.

As the two learn about the other’s fears, will they be able to conquer them together in order to make their relationship work?

A hotel owner, his sister’s best friend and the responsibility of planning someone else’s wedding.

Evan Pearson owns a large hotel in Vegas as well as several others around the country, which is a lot different than growing up on the ranch in a small-town. His friends are all pairing up but with his schedule he isn’t sure he can even make a relationship work. But as Sadie gets to work on Evan’s sister’s wedding, he notices a different side of her than when they were growing up.

Sadie Gibson has built her wedding business from the ground up and she’s hoping to plan the wedding of a famous singer. The Pearson wedding will be a showcase of her talents but when the bride doesn’t like all the ideas Sadie thinks will impress the singer, she has to work with Evan to give the bride the wedding of her dreams.

Will working together help their feelings deepen enough to stay together? Or will their work schedules get in the way?

The Vegas Billionaire by Britney M. Mills l International Billionaire Club Series
The Italian Billionaire by Britney M. Mills l International Billionaire Club Series

The CEO of an eyewear company, a nurse in need of a vacation, and a chance meeting that brings them together.

Gabe Alessandro turned his father’s eyewear company into a billion dollar company, which helps support the small towns around Venice. He’s put love on the back burner, always making sure that his family and friends are taken care of. When he sees the sister of Evan Pearson in his hometown of Venice, Italy, he knows he’s going to have to confront his past worries about love if he wants things to work.

Aubrey Pearson has worked overtime at the hospital over the past few months and she’s exhausted. When an experience with a patient makes her realize how far away she is from a family, she decides to sign up for a dream trip in Europe, hoping the break will give her a new perspective. When she bumps into Gabe, she didn’t have love on her mind. But it doesn’t take her long to realize Gabe could be the one.

As they spend time together skiing and touring Venice, will they be able to conquer their ideals about love and make it last?