Testing Love, Austen Paperback


One matchmaking app, two skeptics and a chance at love.

Tiffany Stewart does just fine dating on her own. She's had several boyfriends over the past four years but nothing long-term. When her boss, Meg Austen, makes her take the matchmaking test in order to get a promotion to marketing director, Tiffany does everything to stay away from reading the results while heading off to her cousin's wedding for the weekend. But an encounter with the best man has her rethinking her motto to stay away from men for a while.

Drew Evans walked away from the advertising world two years ago, in the hopes of finding some balance in life. He hasn't dated much since his girlfriend left, but he's found a routine and settled in. When his best friend, Carson, forces him to use the gift card for the matchmaking company that brought him back together with Ruby, Drew doesn't think it means anything. Until he meets Tiffany.

But when a random hobby brings Tiffany and Drew together, their try at friendship to make it through the wedding turns into something more. Will it last longer than wedding week?

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