Love in the Details Paperback


A CEO, a newbie event planner, and the Wakefield Christmas gala.

It was supposed to be all business. Dustin Wakefield came back to Coldwater Creek at the urging of his grandmother. Too bad she also wants him to hire someone to plan the Christmas gala. He thought he could focus on work once that was done, but he finds hanging out with Kassidy more relaxing than studying the business reports.

Kassidy McBride needs a new career now that she torched the one at the bank. She's always loved planning parties, but is that enough to sustain a lifestyle, even a modest one, in a small town? When she gets the job to decorate the Wakefield Mansion, she tells herself she won't fall in love with her boss, the guy she crushed on as a teenager. Easier said than done. When he keeps volunteering to help out, she realizes there is so much more to him than what the tabloids say.

Two hearts. One party. And the sleigh ride to tie it all together.

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