March Madness Romcom Book Edition

Are you ready to earn prizes for reading romcom books? Then March Madness is going to be your favorite month yet!

Answer the questions for the books you've read below.

You can wait until the end of the month and answer the ones you've read at one time.

If you want to answer after reading each book, just search for the question relating to that book and answer it.

Then press "See the Result" at the very bottom. You'll just do that for each book. If you think an answer is correct but it's not giving you credit, please email me at britney@britneymmills.com

(It will ask for your name and email each time to keep track of your answers and be able to award you the prize should you win it.)

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In An Accidental Love Story, what is Rusty’s nickname for Lottie?

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In Annie & the Movie Star, where was Max and Julie's surprise engagement party held?

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In Book Boyfriends & Butterfly Kisses, what life-threatening situation does Connor save Lana from near the end of the story?

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In Compared, where did Tyler and Meg have their first kiss?

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In Dizzy in Love, who does Izzy name Gran's goats after?

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In Hunting for Love, what gift did Jack bring Bianca for his grand gesture?

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In I Hated You First, what's the name of Lauren's baby nephew?

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In Just Enough Luck, what is the name of the horse Lucy claims as her own?

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In Just His Secretary, what is the name of Callie's grumpy cat who likes her grumpy boss more than her?

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In Just Say... Yes, Name one of the two people that Everly sits beside on opening night of the game show.

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In Loving the Ladies' Man, where does Evie meet Connor's father, brother, and sister-in-law?

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In Love in Bloom, who or what does Cameron hire to follow Darcy around on her tour?

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In Magic in the Mix, when Lucy takes Devin to an old boathouse that was her childhood haunt, what interrupts their almost-first-kiss while there?

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In Maid of Dishonor, what is Carter allergic to?

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In Matched with Her Runaway Groom, what does Rachelle hit Landon with?

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In Never Fall for Your Fake Fiance, what does Lottie want to do with the dentures at Pinkerton House?

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In Nicole, what game did Nicole and Drew play at the store?

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In Not Quite a Prince, what food is Gwen making right before she and Royce kiss for the first time?

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In Retying the Knot, besides prayer, what else makes Piper feel like a new woman?

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In Roxy's Song, when Tag considers retiring, what country artist does his manager compare him to?

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In Sweet Summer Nights, what is Freya's favorite pie?

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In That Fine Line, what nickname did Cade call Kelsey?

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In The Business Proposal, what did Byron wear to his wedding?

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In The Terrible Personal Shopper, in which country did Blaze and Leila have their first kiss?

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