March Madness RomCom Book 2023

Are you ready to earn prizes for reading romcom books? Then March Madness is going to be your favorite month yet!

Answer the questions for the books you've read below.

You can wait until the end of the month and answer the ones you've read at one time.

If you want to answer after reading each book, just search for the question relating to that book and answer it.

Then press "See the Result" at the very bottom. You'll just do that for each book. If you think an answer is correct but it's not giving you credit, please email me at britney@britneymmills.com

(It will ask for your name and email each time to keep track of your answers and be able to award you the prize should you win it.)

Please include your name and email so we know to whom to assign the points!

****We will not use your email for anything other than giving points and emailing at the end in the event you've won a prize.

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Who did Hannah name her succulents after?

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What is the name of the dating app that Ben and Marissa use?

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What is Tinsley's adopted dog's name?

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Where was Hailey and Ford's first kiss?

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What's the one thing Amy really wanted included at her events site?

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Who did Tessa "run" into at the grocery store in Salmon?

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What kinds of movies does Dax like best?

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Jonah crashed Carolina's date with what guy?

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What is the name of the dog that Graham took care of in this book?

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What day does Levi send Rose an email, and what's attached?

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Where does Shelia decide to get married?

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What tv show did Ethan love when he was a kid?

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What beverage is mentioned several times throughout the book?

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What is the name of the cow that brings Hayes and Ellie together for their first kiss?

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What's in the vase that Desi keeps on her office desk?

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What does Sadie buy for Denver when they have a gift exchange?

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What is the name of Lainey's corgi?

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What does Lily buy Spencer for Christmas?

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What animal personality type was Gavin?

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What happens on Valentine's Day that surprises Jenesa and Danny?

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Who does Blake sing with in Las Vegas?

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What is Calen and Emma's song?

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What is the name of Britta's restaurant?

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Where do Ashley and Ryan go on their first date?

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What is Ari's hand stuck in when we meet her?

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